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Drug Rehab Alabama

Substance abuse and its consequences effect tens of thousands of people in the state of Alabama each and every day, with alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, prescription pain killers, and stimulants such as methamphetamine and crystal meth being among the most commonly abused drugs in the state. With hundreds of drug overdose deaths associated with substance abuse in the state of Alabama each year, the need for drug rehab in the state has never been greater. Prevention is crucial, with early intervention being an important tool for Alabama youth and adults alike. And when any Alabama residents need help beyond this, particularly if their substance abuse has reached a crisis point, it is important for loved ones to know what their options are when it comes to quality drug rehab programs in the state.

But someone's substance abuse doesn't have to reach a crisis point, and this is important for family members and friends to understand who may be concerned about a substance abuse problem. Rock bottom isn't the only point that someone will reach out and respond to help, and many consequences can be avoided if quality drug treatment is offered and utilized effectively long before this point. In fact, many individuals caught up in substance abuse are far more reception to accepting help and going to rehab for an ultimate low point, because the longer they remain on drugs the deeper their dependence grows. So again, early intervention is crucial and can actually be life-saving.

One of the hardest things an individual can do when they are caught up in a cycle of drug or alcohol addiction is to reach out for help. This is difficult for a number of reasons, with the primary one being that they would have to admit guilt and come out of denial, and this can seem like too much to bear and be downright overwhelming. And as the consequences of addiction begin to pile up, and dependence to drugs and or/alcohol grows deeper and deeper, it can almost seem impossible that there is ever an end to the cycle of addiction. So some individuals just lose hope and resign themselves to a life of self-imposed misery and self destruction.

This is why it is so important for family members, friends and even co-workers to not give up on someone who is caught up in the cycle of addiction, because you may be their only hope for a life without drugs and for any life at all. Even though family and friends can become frustrated and want to give up and even be angry at the addicted person, this isn't going to resolve or change anything. Loved ones have to realize they are not dealing with the individual in an analytical state; they are dealing with the drug. The individual is under the influence these chemical, which directly influence their behavior and thinking. So they are not a bad person, they just need effective help to overcome their problem and get their life back.

A drug intervention may be necessary to get a friend or family member into an effective drug rehab in Alabama. And if this is the case, the first step would be to find a drug rehab program which meets the level of treatment need based on the individual's history of substance abuse. For example, someone who is addicted to heroin or prescription pain killers will need to be an in inpatient or residential drug rehab in Alabama for quite some times, because this type of addiction causes intense dependence and cravings will persist for quite some time. A 30-day program or an outpatient drug rehab in Alabama isn't going to cut it. Once a quality drug rehab program is chosen, consult with a professional drug treatment counselor at the facility to determine what the cost of treatment will be and get these taken care of along with any other logistics so that the individual can go to treatment immediately. The treatment professionals can also guide loved ones through the intervention process, or recommend a professional interventionist who can directly assist at the intervention itself.

Now, you wouldn't want to go through this whole process and then put someone in a drug rehab program in Alabama that isn't going to resolve anything. Many programs make empty promises, or give the illusion that they have the best solution when in fact they offer no effective solution at all. An opiate maintenance program which replaces an individual's opiate of choice with methadone or some other prescription drug. Or worse yet, a program which only detoxes someone and provides not other treatment services to discover and resolve the actual cause of the person's substance abuse. While these types of drug rehab programs in Alabama seem ideal because they offer immediate resolution to the surface symptoms of addiction, they aren't going to provide any lasting resolution because addiction always runs much deeper in terms of what triggers it and what will ultimately cause a relapse if not resolved.

So addicted individuals and loved ones will often need to make sacrifices when someone need to be away from family and other obligations while they receive effective treatment in a drug rehab program in Alabama, but a long-term inpatient or residential drug rehab program in the state is always going to provide the best outcomes. Individuals thrive in such an environment, because not only are they receiving the life saving treatment they need, but they can take the time away from many of the distractions which got them there to focus on what they need to do to get well. Not only for themselves, but ultimately for their loved ones as well.

If money is an issue, there are many quality drug rehab programs that are covered by private health insurance which will either partially or cover in full a long-term inpatient or residential stay. When not an option, drug rehab programs in Alabama are often inclined to offer payment assistance, such as a sliding fee scale, so that even individuals who may not think they can afford quality treatment may actually be able to do so.


Alabama Drug Statistics

1. Cannabis (Marijuana) accounts for most of the imprisonments in Alabama, but Crack and Cocaine also pose a serious threat.

2. Mexican sources in the border states (Texas, Arizona and California) are a significant part of Alabama's Cocaine supply.

3. Heroin was not a significant factor in Alabama during the past years; however, evidence are that current Heroin use has increased.

4. Current sources for Heroin that comes into Alabama are from Jamaica and recently from New York.

5. The number of Meth lab raids in the state of Alabama rose 199 percent, from 204 incidents in 2007 to 610 incidents in 2009.

6. In 2007, in the state of Alabama 554 people died as a result of drug abuse.

Drug Facts
  • Open-eye visuals are common for some individuals who are high on magic mushrooms, and are more likely at higher doses of magic mushroom use.
  • Some high school and college students in the U.S. use prescription stimulants and combine them with alcohol or other drugs for an euphoric effect.
  • Use of magic mushroom generally causes feelings of nausea before the desired mental effects appear.
  • Individuals who use hashish daily commonly function at a reduced intellectual level most or all of the time.